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Sarah Temima

Vitally alive and thoroughly woman is the intention of this collection.  Whether you are preparing to birth a newborn or birthing a new possibility within yourself, this collection is for you.  During pregnancy, while the soul and spirit are stretched (along with the body), our durable + stretchy strands of precious gems are handcrafted with prayerful hands to support the woman through this time of transition, growth, and profound new beginnings.  Pregnancy gives the word "beautiful" a whole new meaning and we are soul honored to share this time of enomorous delight and anticipation with our beautiful soul sister @sarahtemima.

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An abundance of light and love!   Sarah is having a blessing of a rainbow baby and it was only right to combine our two most desired crystals with an opalite aura that reflects sparkles in every light setting.  This one will be your aura armor while balancing yin feminine energy. 

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Malachite is the essence of joy and the stone of transformation because it reveals and heals emotional pain that is stagnant within the body by absorbing the pain into itself.  It is also known as the mid-wife stone that helps lessen labor pains; therefore supporting our soul sister on her sacred home birth experience. 

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