About Waistbeads.

Origin of Waistbeads
Ancient history of the origin of waistbeads dates back to as early as the 15th century.  Many researchers believe the origins of waistbeading lie in ancient Egypt and that waistbeads were worn by women as a status symbol. The more ornate, colorful, and intricate in design the waist beads, the higher the social status of the wearer.  It was an especially common factor with women of royal blood.  Researchers say that in the ancient world, waistbeads were worn as a symbol of female power, sexuality, femininity, womanhood, and spirituality among other meanings. Over time, the waistbeading trend found its way to many parts of Africa where different tribes practiced different ideology around wearing waistbeads; becoming a continent wide symbolic expression for: womanhood, femininity, fertility, spirituality, protection, seduction, confidence, sexuality, intimacy, status, wealth, celebration and soul much more.
Waistbeads trace back to ancient Egypt.  Hieroglyphs depicted dancers adorned with waistbeads.  
Modern Waistbeads
Clearly much of the belief ancient civilizations held about beads has transcended time to settle on the people of the modern world.  You may have grown up around women that decorated their waists with beads; perhaps you’ve seen one of your favorite influencers decoratively wearing beads around their waist too.  From giving you awareness of how much weight you have lost to being a representation of a certain virtue, they are collectively a beautiful aspect of the feminine proclamation of self. They also serve as a form of stylistic expression as you can customize what colors you want to display, how many waistbeads you want to stack, and what types of beads you want to represent you.
When to Wear Waistbeads
Many people question when an appropriate time for waistbeads is or if they should wear them at all. The decision to wear them is up to the individual and what occasion they choose. From being worn 24/7 as an every day reminder of self-love, to being a vacation accessory, to walking into an interview and having them be a subtle reminder under your business wear that you are one powerful woman. An interesting factoid of waistbeading past is that they were considered “private” and not always meant for show; they were personal and reflected personal expression and individual interpretation, which runs almost completely contrary to the modern-day usage.  Whether you want to show them off or have them under your clothes as a less obvious reminder, they are unique to you and we are here to create a special intentional strand that is unique to you and your lifestyle.  To learn more about us and our personal relationship with waistbeading, see Our Mission.