Our Mission.

Much of the belief ancient civilizations held about waistbeads (see our "About Waistbeads") transcended time to settle on our modern world.  Waistbeads are the modern-day women’s armor against the unrealistic standards society sets for women’s beauty and aesthetics. Once you put waist beads on, you immediately feel sexy, proud of the way you look, and proud of your body, flaws and all.  A residual effect of wearing waistbeads is that your self-confidence levels immediately improve, and we are here for all of that.
While some waistbeads have energy crystals, the main healing is through women embracing and celebrating themselves no matter the size.  Healing starts with self-love.  They are worn for lots of reasons, but adornment is the most common. After all, the beads’ first purpose is beauty.  The definition of adornment is: an accessory or ornament worn to enhance the beauty or status of the wearer.  They certainly make you stop and admire yourself in the mirror, waist line suddenly imbued with sensuality.  
Second most common reason for waistbeads is mindful weight management.  As women, our weight fluctuates on a regular basis.  Rather than obsessing on the scale over the loss/gain of a couple pounds, allow your beads to healthily track your progress. The practice of wearing several waistbeads over time will help to keep the waist small and accentuate the hips.  We call this a "stacked" look.  They can be a good tool to measure weight gain and loss.  When the beads are quite loose and sit a little lower on the waist, it’s a key sign that we are on the right track.  When our stomach expands, the intention of the beads is to roll up one’s waist and politely keep us aware of weight gain, overeating during meals, or inflammation/bloat.  Waistbeads help you listen to your body.  Regardless of where your waistbeads sit in the morning, noon, or night:  you’lI still feel beautiful. 
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"For me, I just love the beauty and feeling of them," says Soul Tie Waistbeads founder, Adriana.  "I often take 'self-love selfies' to remind myself that I am beautiful and comfy in my own skin; scars, rolls, stretchies, and all.  And I must say, my waistbeads have increased that 'me time' exponentially.  Every design is inspired by my self love and body positive journey.  Their color and sparkle, the way they sit on my waist, the way they make me move, and the way they make me feel inside.  They are so sensual without any effort.  They ground me in a way I never knew I needed.  The energy that surrounds these strands is something that pulls me back to my core and to my womb space.  It's a powerful vibration that I can't explain; a feeling you have to stand in for yourself to understand. They’re for you. It’s personal. They’re for all women — any body type, any race, any background.  The impact they've had on me is something I wish for everyone to feel and I hope you love them as much as I do."
 Our mission with our quality waistbeads is to encourage women to embrace and honor their divinity.  Women are more precious than jewels (Proverbs 3:15).  We are wonderfully and fearfully made (Psalm 139:14) in God's perfect image (Genesis 1:27 ; Matthew 5:48) which means we are ALL perfect, no matter our size.  You are already beautiful, we are just here to help you feel it with positive body image, self-love and acceptance.  Now, without further ado... let's get you waisted!