Product Details.

Beads are stranded on secure, stretchy elastic cord for a comfortable fit.  There is no clasp or metal closure.  We prefer a closing our strands with a concealed knot for a seamless look.  We only wear natural stones (not dyed), Swarovski crystal, and the best quality glass beads which means they are safe to shower in and intended to be worn every day, on the daily.   
One of a Kind:
While we always maintain the integrity of the original design, no two waistbeads are exactly alike.  There may be slight variations in the design to accomodate the length and/or supplies on hand.  Keep in mind, all glass and crystal beads range from 2-6mm.  The photos are close up, making them appear larger.  They are smaller in person.
Blessed before wear:
Our waistbeads are created in high vibrational batches.  We set aside sacred, intentional hours to spend time with each individual order.  If there is a special intention you would like us to pray over your strand during your special creation time, please email us and let us know.  Our energy and alignment is happy to be of service.
(Pictured:  Our Gemstone Bracelets)