LAPIS LAZULI. (Throat Chakra)

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Handmade and stranded on durable, stretchy elastic.  One size fits all.

Authentic Stone: Lapis Lazuli, works with the Throat Chakra and 3rd Eye Chakra.

Lapis lazuli is known as the stone of friendship, inner truth, communication, and total awareness. When we choose to align with lapis, we are telling our bodies that we are ready to face all that which blocks us from accessing the deepest layers of our personal truths; the truths that may be hidden beneath subconscious debris and trauma bonds/patterns within the constructs of distorted belief structures. Wherever our authenticity hides, using lapis lazuli over a period of time will surely help to bring the true you to the surface. Lapis lazuli helps release problems in the throat area, such as repressed anger. It activates, energizes and balances the throat chakra and encourages self-awareness. It is regarded as a stone believed to reveal one's inner truth and promote the acceptance of it as well as promote self awareness, allowing for effective and honest self expression, and help its keeper to conquer suppressed feelings that may be holding him or her back.   Lapis Lazuli is said to enhance the quality of friendships, encourage compassion and uprightness, and provide a clearer perspective on life.   It's brilliant for enhancing both new and existing friendships. This is also one of the best crystals for anger, so use it if you often find it difficult to communicate in stressful situations. Lapis lazuli is a beautiful ancient stone. It both adorned the crowns and breast plates of royalty as well as got buried in tombs King Tutt and other pharaohs to accompany them into the next life. It is thought that lapis lazuli was one of the original stones on the breastplate of Aaron mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible—referred to as sapphire. Seeing how there was no sapphire in that region of the world, but tons of lapis, it’s likely the stone was lapis lazuli instead. During the Renaissance, sapphire blue was considered a sacred color (sacre bleu), which is why the Lapis Lazuli crystal stone was ground into a powder and used to paint the Virgin Mary's robes and other iconic artwork in historic cathedrals throughout Europe. It was the iconic beauty and fashion icon Cleopatra who used the crushed powder of the Lapis Lazuli crystal in her eye shadow design, the quintessential symbol of an Egyptian pharaoh.

 Lapis Lazuli also works with the 3rd Eye Chakra as it is a stone of wisdom.