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DESIGN: Our Root Chakra waistbeads are stranded with silver lined ruby beads. The attractive middle focal point features 14K gold plated red siam Swarovski and natural red agate from Lake Superior that was distributed by glacial movement across regions of Minnesota 10,000-15,000 years ago.

CHAKRA LOCATION: Base of the spine, where your tailbone is located.

WHAT IT INFLUENCES: Stability and safety. Provision and support.

SYMPTOMS OF IMBALANCE: Anxiety, fear, restlessness, fatique.

SIGNS OF BALANCE: Grounded, safe, free from worries, and peace with the world.

 The 1st chakra is the root chakra. It is instinctual with the main focus of survival, safety, loyalty and honor. The compulsion to overeat or hoard material items and money is a negative expression of our instinct for survival. If our primal needs are not satisfied (i.e. we feel like we are not getting enough food, money, goods, or sex to quench that desire), then root chakra is dysfunctional. This means we are seriously disconnected from the earth. If the emotional and psychological stability within your childhood family dynamic was (and still is) a harmonious one, then you will have a balanced root chakra with strong survival instincts that can withstand the challenges of adult life. Various mental illnesses are generated from early negative family experiences and can cause further disruptions to the higher chakras when this first chakra is out of sync. The root chakra teaches us to have the willpower to break free from emotional bondage that holds you back. If you are unable to find personal freedom, you’ll end up carrying a lot of emotional baggage with you into your careers and future relationships. As a result, your view of the real world becomes distorted. Living life becomes frightening and unstable because the emotional foundations were not properly rooted within you from an early age. The Root Chakra is our first understanding of love and survival and is vital to our journey that we heal any blockages from our roots up. It is our foundation for all things great. To heal your root chakra, begin by doing things that make you feel grounded – walk barefoot in nature, feel the sand in between your toes, plant seeds, forgive the past. Celebrate the people in your life that you love and that make you feel safe. When you find balance in your root chakra, you find balance in all aspects of your life. It all starts with the first chakra!

Red agate resonates with the root chakra. It is said to attract health and prosperity while encouraging kindness and love for self that is genuine and comes from the heart. It is a token of protection, that shields the wearer from negative energies and helps heal of fear and anxiety.

Obsidian also works with the Root Chakra as it is a stone that is an anchor for the spirit. 

*please note that every strand is handmade to order by prayerful hands.  The strand you receive will be similar to strand in the photo based on in-stock materials, but no two strands are exactly the same and this is what makes them very special.