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Our newest belly chain is named after Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.  Created with every-body in mind, Venus fits up to size 8x… because sexy is an ENERGY, not a size. 

Ready to ship! 

144 inches long + 13 inch adjustable extender to ensure your most comfortable layered fit. 

Venus wraps around a… 

small waist: 6-7 times

medium waist: 5-6 times

large waist: 4-5 times

xl waist: 4-5 times

1xl waist: 3-4 times

2xl waist: 3-4 times

3xl waist: 2-3 times

4xl waist: 2-3 times

5xl, 6xl, 7xl, 8xl waist: 2 times!