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Has anyone ever told you that you are the YIN to my YANG?  Yin and Yang means the balance between good and bad.  The symbol for Yin and Yang is called the Taijitu.  The Taijitu is comprised of a black swirling “tear drop” shape with a small white dot and a white swirling “tear drop” shape with a small black dot, both culminating into a circle.  Yin is represented by the black segment and small white dot, while Yang is depicted by the white segment and small black dot.  The small dots are representative of the idea that every force contains a “seed” of its opposing force. 

The Taijitu depicts the delicate balance of opposing forces, each with a small segment of the opposing force within it. 

Yin depicts a feminine force travelling inward, is right brain dominant, and is associated with cold, darkness, winter, night, and the moon. Yin depicts intelligence, intuition, creativity, calm, perseverance, and timidity.  Yin is introverted, late, makes decisions from the heart, and shows imagination.

Yang represents a masculine force travelling outward, is left brain dominant, and is associated with heat, sunlight, summer, and daytime. Yang is extraverted, goal directed, adventurous, and displays courage and determination.  Yang is reasonable, methodical, controlled, and linear in thinking

Yin and Yang represent a balance of intellect and emotion.

Black represents boldness and power.
White represents purity, faith and truthfulness.

This strand features yin and Yang symbols made of abalone shells from Hawaii with natural black agate.